Information commands can give information on players, time of day, foom count, bind lists and provide in-game instruction boxes about commands.

Information Related Commands
In-Game command Type Location Description Example
/help[1] Info Any? Gives a list of some commands with some instructions /help
/help cmd Info varies[2] Gives information on a specific command (list the command you want information on) /help me
/find_(player name[3]) Info Room[4] Locates a player, if in a lobby or game /find shorty
/chars Info Any? Gives a list of Character Commands, used to change your character /chars
/backs Info Any? Gives a list of Background Commands, used to change your characters background /backs
/colors Info Any? Gives a list and simplified instructions on coloring text /colors
/help fooms Info Table? Gives a list of foom commands /help fooms
/help smilies Info Any? Gives a list of Emote Commands /help smilies
/watchers Info Table? Shows a list of current watchers of the game[5] /watchers
  1. /? is the same command as /help
  2. Location varies, depending on the command you want info on
  3. player names are not capital sensitive
  4. You have to be in the same room as the player
  5. replaces manually opening the chat tab and seeing all people at the table

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