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The Hardwood Games is a series of classic games with a fantasy background developed by Silver Creek Entertainment. These games include Euchre, Spades, Hearts, Solitaire and Backgammon.

Each Hardwood game has age old intricate strategy.

Silver Creek Entertainment has also developed a command language for online use. Players can personalize this command language in multiple ways making individualization virtually limitless.

The purpose of this wiki is to expand knowledge of how the strategies and command language work.

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Silver Creek Entertainment Online Policies

Note: There are several sites that list some commands as a secret or a cheat. This is in error. Silver Creek Entertainment has provided commands for all players to use, along with Information Commands to find out how to use them.

Although the commands are vast and a simplified form of programming code, they are for public use.

There is only one "secret" within Hardwood Games and WIST does a good job of describing it on the Hardwood Forums.

The easiest way to unlock the secret "pixie dust" is to open the options menu (at an in game table, just hit "esc") then "control-p".

To turn it off, just repeat (except the menu needs to be closed afterward).

This wikia's sole intention is to educate about and promote Silver Creek Entertainment's products. All images and titles are considered the property of Silver Creek Entertainment and their permission is required to use them.