Bind commands allow a "command string" to be bound to a short cut keyword. There are default binds, provided by Silver Creek Entertainment, and players can make their own binds, even to the point of overriding the keywords the default binds use.

Binds are considered an "alias" of a command, meaning they become a command in their own right. Once a bind is made, other binds can then activate those bound "aliases" in the same way as any other command.

Note: The "text" rule during a command string still applies.

The Bind CommandEdit

The bind command is pretty straightforward:

/bind_(keyword)=(command string)

Example: /bind j=/joy&&/joy&&/joy

This would make "j" bound to the above command string and typing "/j" would give the "joy" command 3 times.

Binding bindsEdit

Once the "j" bind (above) has been bound, it is possible to use it as a shortcut for a larger "superjoy" bind.

/bind_(keyword)=(bind command string)

Example: /bind sj=/j&&/j&&/j

This would execute the "j" bind (above) three times giving the "joy" command 9 times total, bringing superjoy.

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